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I’m glad that you’re here and am looking forward to supporting you on your journey towards success. As a Master Coach, I work with driven coaches who want to turn up the heat and excel in business and professional and personal development. My coaching programs are designed to help you see bigger, define your blind spots, and put you on a path towards growing a prosperous coaching practice. If you want to go further in your coaching career and experience coaching for yourself, we should talk.

All the best, Gretchen
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Many coaches have coaching skills but no idea on how to launch or maintain a successful practice. Marketing scares them and they feel overwhelmed by becoming an entrepreneur who suddenly has to create sales, an online presence, and keep on top of the day-to-day tasks of running a business. They have no idea on how to create systems and are feeling frustrated by their lack of knowledge.

Does this sound like you?

As an open and knowledgeable mentor and Master Certified Coach, I partner with you to help you gain new insights and tools that will not only allow you to up level your business, but your coaching skills as well! You’ll gain confidence in yourself so that you can reach your highest potential to serve your clients and grow your business. With direct communication, coupled with guidance and support, I champion my mentees by creating a safe space where they can be authentic and messy so that they can truly learn and feel empowered.
Feel confident in your coaching
Be empowered in your business.

Prior to coaching, I ran a successful Public Relations and Marketing business and know the ins and outs of what it takes to become systemized, profitable, and confident. I work with coaches to teach them the inner workings of a successful coaching business to that they can spend time doing what they love, coaching! If you’re driven, ready, and looking to create a ripple effect to change your world and the world of others, we should talk.

Areas of Focus

Business-building programs for coaches

Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level?

The one-on-one coaching experience

Individual coaching sessions with Master Coach Gretchen Hydo for coaches who want to build their coaching business to achieve the kind of success they dream of having.
The VIP Experience
VIP Days are concentrated and focused 1-2 day coaching immersive experiences for A-type, efficient personalities who are driven, productive, effective and want to transform, fast.

Build Your Six Figure Sales Strategy Start to Finish

Are you ready to earn six figures? In Stairway to Six: Build Your Six Figure Sales Strategy Start to Finish, Master Certified Coach Gretchen Hydo will walk you step by step through becoming a master at client creation and business strategy so you can sell out your coaching practice over and over. And, you will earn 44 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE) to use towards renewing your ICF credentials.

The Round Table

The Round Table is an exclusive group of 12 selected coaches who are building sustainable and profitable, service-based businesses This intimate mastermind group is selected for their dedication, charisma, knowledge, skills, and business-building capacity.

Coaching for Coaches

If you’re like most coaches, you love to coach but might feel like you are doing it all on your own. You need support, and a community to help you grow. You’d like access to new ideas and somewhere to ask your questions and get answers without being judged. Upping your coaching game and being around like-minded people is something that you crave.

What Coaches are Saying
I hired Gretchen as my coach to help me grow my coaching business. During our time together, my coaching skills grew tremendously and through Gretchen's high-flame coaching I was able to discover my interests and passion in an area that is very near and dear to my heart. We built a program together and ideas to further grow this passion into a viable long-term program and niche to create a huge impact in my clients' lives and a sustainable business for me, allowing me to turn what I love into what I do.
- Adam
Gretchen is extraordinary and her coaching skills are high level. She is masterful in all areas and helped me to feel confident and comfortable building my skills and my practice.
- Roberta

Sharon Steiner Hart, In Alignment Coaching

Matt Shakir, Awaken Momentum Coaching

Gretchen is hands down the most dynamic and powerful coach and presenter I have experienced. She helped me take my coaching skills and business ideas to the next level.
- Steve

Fran Etienne, etn coaching + consulting

Dawn Briggs, Paths to Purpose

Gretchen is a fantastic coach. I know I am not alone in feeling that we were very lucky to have her as our leader.
- Shelley D

If you’re interested in Coaching for Coaches,
you might also be interested in VIP Days.

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