Stairway to Six Accelerator with Gretchen Hydo.

From Client Enrollment to the Close.
Build Your Six Figure Sales Strategy Start to Finish.

And I've got just the thing you need...

In Stairway to Six Accelerator, I’ll walk you step-by-step through becoming a master at client creation and business strategy, so you can sell out your coaching practice – over and over.

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As a Master Certified Coach, I’ve found a critical gap in coaching education. Coaching schools teach coaches how to coach, but often leave out the business aspect of coaching.

To be a successful coach, you have to know both.

To consistently attract new clients and enroll them, you must understand and lean into the sales process as much as you enjoy coaching.

That might sound intimidating…

But it’s possible with the right mindset, systems, and resources.

“No doubt this Stairway to Six is invaluable to set forth a path to be a successful and income-earning professional coach. The environment pushes not only for steps to take and actions to complete and creates the possibility to win big from a change in mindset for serving the greater good.”
Michael E.
"My biggest wins during Stairway to Six were having my highest income month since starting my business, starting a group coaching program, and gaining confidence regarding client creation.”
Emily D.

Stairway to Six Accelerator is the best way to learn successful methods from an experienced multiple six-figure coach, alongside other like-minded coaches.

So what all is included in this business boosting program for coaches, you ask?

You'll get direct access to me during five full-day sessions, four First Wednesday community events, and a private Facebook community for your cohort - all intentionally designed to take each lesson deeper and create actionable plans.

This program is for you if...
Applications are OPEN for the Spring 2024 cohort.
Space is limited.
“If you want to grow as a coach in a supportive community of coaches and under the guidance of a master coach - that embodies the service-oriented principles of the prosperous coach methodology - then this program is an easy recommendation from me.”
Program Details

Join Master Certified Coach Gretchen Hydo for an accelerated, virtual experience that will take you through the exact strategy you need to build a six-figure coaching practice.

March 23, 2024
9am to 5pm PST

Kickoff Session:
The Stairway to Six Figures!

Start your six-figure journey with an energizing all-day Saturday session that will lay the groundwork for the next 3 months. Walk out of Day 1 with a powerful pitch and client outreach strategy, develop a plan for never running out of prospects, and more. Create a clear vision for your coaching practice, master the enrollment basics, and overcome your fear of objections as part of your strategic business building plan. This industry is about being bold!

April 26, 2024
9am to 5pm PST

Module 1:
From Connection to Close

Dive into transforming your vision into an actionable plan for identifying and engaging your ideal clients. This day will emphasize the importance of crafting compelling client conversations, armed with essential tools for business efficiency. It's also a deep dive into the dynamics of sales, where you'll learn to overcome selling apprehensions and master the 'art of the close.' This comprehensive approach ensures your business processes are seamlessly integrated with your sales strategy, fostering a holistic approach to client relations and business development.

April 27, 2024
9am to 5pm PST

Module 2:
Money-Making Strategies, Mindset, and Overcoming Your Clients’ Money Objections

Uncover your thoughts about money, learn how your money stories affect your client relationships, set financial goals for your business, and overcome your clients’ money objections. How we do money is how we do everything!

April 28, 2024
9am to 5pm PST

Module 3:
Get with the Program - Packaging and Pricing Your Services

Connect with what your ideal clients want and need, design your programs for optimal results, learn how to command your fee with confidence, and create a plan for launching your next offer.

May 18, 2024
9am to 5pm PST

Closeout Session!

Use the building blocks of the last 3 months to launch into the next phase of your six-figure coaching business in this intensive final session. Learn how to position yourself as an expert through writing, speaking, and teaching, uncover the stories that will attract your ideal clients, and start creating your vision for the next 6 months of your business.
Stairway to Six Accelerator is an accelerated version of Stairway to Six, created for coaches who are “all in” for the intensified curriculum and ready to start seeing results more quickly in their businesses.

Every live session includes:

NOTE: All sessions will be recorded and made available in the Stairway to Six Accelerator student portal from recording date through the end of the program.
“Reflecting on the work we did together this past year and I feel so blessed that I chose you to be my coach! It was such a hard year in so many ways and having the sanctuary of coaching and the wisdom of Stairway to Six really helped me to stay grounded and despite many challenges. I was able to resurrect my coaching business and have a waitlist for clients! THANK YOU so much for modeling what a bad-ass heart-centered prosperous coach looks like!”
Samantha S.
Program Bonuses
This program is 40-hours of live, intense, hands-on learning, meant to help you turn up the dial on your coaching business. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to reach your 2024 business goals!

Tuition for this program is:


Join by February 29, 2024 to unlock the early bird pricing of $5000.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to uplevel your coaching practice and finally make the income you’ve dreamt of!
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About Master Certified Coach

Gretchen Hydo
Considered by many to be one of Los Angeles’ top coaches, Gretchen Hydo is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a certified mentor coach, author, keynote speaker, and trainer. Gretchen is one of only 2,000 ICF-Certified Master Coaches in the world, and she helps people from all walks of life make significant and substantial changes. She’s spent 15+ years working with individual clients, name brands, and notable companies. Before becoming a certified professional coach, Gretchen launched and operated a successful public relations firm, Chatterbox PR Ink. Gretchen is a frequent speaker, trainer, and executive coach at Universal Music, the University of Southern California, and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. As a thought leader in her field, she is regularly featured in A-list publications, including the Chicago Tribune and Fast Company. She is an instructor with the Life Purpose Institute and an ICF mentor coach, where she specializes in helping new coaches launch their practice and develop their business. Gretchen lives in Los Angeles with her husband of over 20 years and two children.

What More Coaches Are Saying About Stairway to Six

“The structure of Stairway to Six is very supportive for coaches looking to uplevel their coaching skills, get coached themselves to show up as their best version for their clients, and have a strong community of other coaches to provide suggestions and input to improve their business.”
Christy V.
"I believe that Stairway to Six is a must for all coaches looking to generate a sustainable income, build relationships with other coaches, and learn from a master at the top of her game. You will be challenged and pushed beyond your comfort zone, yet have the support you need to rise to the occasion. I cannot say enough good things about my experience in ST6 so if this program is offered to you, just do it — it will be well-worth your investment!”
Michael Z.
“Gretchen’s inspiration and incredibly helpful advice has helped me make a fantastic shift in my business this year. As my confidence has grown, I am connecting with more people and I am finding new opportunities more readily.”
Neela P.
Is this program different from Stairway to Six?
Stairway to Six Accelerator is an accelerated version of Stairway to Six, created for coaches who are “all in” for the intensified curriculum and ready to start seeing results more quickly in their businesses.
I’ve already gone through Stairway to Six, is this program for me?
Absolutely! I often have past students re-enroll in the same programs because of the transformation that occurs for them, so they can keep up the momentum and reach new levels of success. This program can also be utilized as a refresher course for coaches that hit pause on or have purposefully slowed down in their businesses and are ready to hit the ground running again.
I’m still not sure if Stairway to Six Accelerator is right for me, what should I do?
If something about this program is speaking to you and you’ve made it this far on the page, it probably IS for you. But, we encourage you to apply to truly find out. We can review your application and schedule a complimentary consultation to see if it’s a great fit. Just remember, you must be fully committed to show up and do the work if you enroll. If you aren’t in a place to say “hell yes”, then please consider a future cohort instead.
Ready to work with a Master Certified Coach that has been in your shoes and grew her business to multiple six-figures using the same strategy?
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Stairway to Six Accelerator with Gretchen Hydo.